Pro Loco Ambra: the website of the events of Valdambra

The new website of the Pro Loco of Ambra is online!

In recent months we have worked on the creation of the site, completely renovated in content and graphics. The new site has been designed to give visitors all the information and news about the events organized by the Pro Loco of the village, through a simple, clear and immediate navigation experience. Inside, divided by menu and sections, there are all the information, communications and news about the activities carried out by the volunteer members of the Pro Loco of Ambra during the year.

A rich program of projects, events and services aimed at bringing together all those who have an interest in the traditions, history and culture of the territory in question. The objective of the Pro Loco is in fact to enhance the natural, artistic and historical beauties present in the municipal territory, promoting and facilitating the movement of tourism and, in particular, the sense of community and belonging that unites for years the citizens of this wonderful village in Tuscany.

The association Pro Loco of Ambra organizes events in the territory in the fields of tourism, culture, history, environment, nature, sports and food and wine. It is the point of reference both for the inhabitants and for the visitors of the territory, able to involve with enthusiasm in its events anyone, from children to the elderly.

What are you waiting for? Come and discover all our events!

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