Ambra promotion association

ambra promotion association

Pro Loco literally means “in favor of the place”. The Pro Loco of Ambra is, in fact, an association that was founded with the aim of promoting and protecting the place it represents.

The adventure began in 1985 with the president Alighiero Pratesi, who after a few months left the place to Marcello Fantoni. Thanks to him and to a group of willing people, the first event organized to valorize the Valdambrian territory, the “Sagra della Lumaca” (Snail Festival), came to life and the “Carnevale di Ambra” was reintroduced.

Over the years, several presidents followed one another, until 2003, the year in which Giuseppino Vietti was elected. During his mandate, the group of volunteers of the village began to organize events that until then had never been seen, among these, the concert of the group of Nomadi on July 16, 2005. A very successful concert, realized with the collaboration of the whole village, which represents the first event in which a famous group stops in Valdambra. One of the objectives of Vietti was in fact the greater involvement of the inhabitants of Ambra in the initiatives of the Pro Loco, objective that in the course of his presidency he succeeded in reaching with great results.
The current president, Alessio Ciabattini, has succeeded in continuing and improving the work begun by his predecessors. With his countless group of volunteers, he contributes to increase the events and activities carried out in the town of Ambra, introducing initiatives capable of attracting a large number of tourists to the small Tuscan village. First of all is “Notti D’Ambra”: eight Tuesdays from June to August, when all the stores of the village are open and it is possible to taste typical products of the Tuscan territory, accompanied by music and shows in the streets of the village. Another initiative to be mentioned is the “Valdambra Running Color”: a colorful race through the hills of Valdambra, under the banner of wheat threshing and its typical dinner. Finally, the participation of the Pro Loco in “Gusti di Frontiera” in Gorizia: three days of celebration, during which the Pro Loco represents the region of Tuscany through the tastes and flavors of our culture and tradition.

organigram of the pro loco AMBRA

  1. Presidente/Legale Rappresentante CIABATTINI ALESSIO
  2. Vice Presidente VESTRI DANIELE
  5. Consigliere BALDI MIRKO
  6. Consigliere CARMIGNANI MARCO
  7. Consigliere CIABATTINI ANDREA
  8. Consigliere CROCINI FRANCESCO


10. Consigliere FONTANI SARA


12. Consigliere PRATESI DAVIDE

13. Consigliere PROSPERI STEFANO

14. Consigliere TORZINI GIACOMO

15. Consigliere URBANI MIRCO

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